Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair: Sarasota-Bradenton Roofing Experts Answer

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Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair Sarasota-Bradenton Roofing Experts Answer with LD Total Roofing of Sarasota, Florida

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair: Sarasota-Bradenton Roofing Experts Answer

Roof work is always a big decision. And sometimes the hardest call a homeowner has to make is whether to repair roof problems or to pull the trigger on a roof replacement. There are a lot of very big issues to consider.

Fortunately, when it comes to total roofing, Bradenton FL experts LD Total Roofing can provide you with extensive experience and detailed insights into both roofing repairs and roof replacement projects in the Sarasota-Bradenton area.

Roof Condition

So this is the crux of the issue: What does your roof really need?

One of the things to consider is the extent of the damage. Superficial issues like missing or damaged shingles are obvious candidates for repair.

However, sometimes we discover that the damage runs deeper. In these cases, repairs will take longer and cost more.

When it comes to complete roofing and roof repair, Sarasota homeowners are probably going to be dealing with repairs at some point in the life of their roof. So it probably isn’t your first time finding a problem and hiring a contractor.

LD Total Roofing repairs are built to last. But even the best possible repairs cannot fix far-reaching underlying problems. You definitely should rely on guidance from professionals when it comes to assessing your roof’s condition and determining the best possible way to continue.

It might be that your roof has reached the point where it absolutely needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, most of the time, it’s not that clear cut. That’s why you’re considering all of these other factors, too.

Financial Considerations

Money is no doubt the first thing on your mind. And if you just look at straight-up cost, roof repairs will always been more affordable than roof replacement, in the present moment.

Many people do not feel like they can afford a roof replacement. And so they settle for repairs. But sometimes this decision runs contrary to their own financial wellbeing.

The question is: Are you throwing away money on a roof repair when you will still need to pay for a replacement in the near future?

If problems begin to crop up everywhere, then a roof replacement will actually be the more financially responsible decision.

Insurance Provisions

Likewise, you will be considering what your Florida homeowner’s insurance will cover. If your roof damage is due to storms, then your insurance will a big (if not the only) determining factor in your next steps.

And this time of year, you should also be looking to future insurance coverage. Roof problems now that are due to regular wear and tear can affect what your insurance covers in the event of future storm damage. After all, they won’t be responsible for your neglect.

So it’s probably worth it to get necessary repairs taken care of ASAP—even if you have to pay for them yourself—so that you won’t be responsible for bigger issues later.

Energy Efficiency

An old or insufficient roof may be costing you more than repairs. Roof’s affect your home’s total energy efficiency. You might be interested in improving how well your roof can keep you cool—not just for your family’s sake, but for the sake of the environment.

Age of Roof

Sarasota-Bradenton roofing lasts for 20 years, maximum. That is just the way of life here, when we deal with so much humidity, storms, and heat, not to mention mold, mildew, foundation issues, pests, etc.

If your roof is 15 years old or older, it’s time to begin considering a replacement. Even if you don’t think you’re currently having any problems, a Florida roof will only last so long.

Time of Year

Sure, we love a roof replacement job. It means our clients trust us to deliver the very best for their homes and their families, and we get to deliver on our promise by giving them the best possible brand-new roof.

But the truth is, Florida summer isn’t ideal for replacements. A roof replacement takes longer than a repair, and it leaves your roof more vulnerable to our frequent summer storms. Not only can that cause delays, but other homeowners may have more urgent repair needs. This can also affect your roof replacement schedule.

On top of that, this weather is hard on our employees and subcontractors. While we always do the best job that we’re hired to do, we always consider their health and safety as well.

Future Plans

What you plan to do with your house will also factor into your decision. If you’re planning on selling soon, you might be investing in a roof replacement earlier than you might otherwise consider it. That’s because sometimes even minor repairs can leave visible signs (ie different colored shingles) that will discourage some potential buyers—or be an argument for driving down the price.

At LD Total Roofing, we understand this is a huge decision. You don’t have to decide just yet. Call us for a consultation and inspection, and we’ll be happy to help you choose the path that works best for you.

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