What Sarasota Roofing Companies Worry About During Sarasota Summers

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What Sarasota Roofing Companies Worry About During Sarasota Summers with LD Total Roofing of Sarasota, Florida

What Sarasota Roofing Companies Worry About During Sarasota Summers

Summer is a crazy, important, busy, and sometimes scary season for Sarasota roofing companies and the homeowners we serve. When we say we’re a total roofing company, you know we’ve got a lot to do and a lot to worry about.

Since summer is traditionally the tourism off-season in Sarasota-Bradenton, lots of construction contractors and developers want to take advantage of the lighter traffic to get new construction done. New construction means new roof installation.

At the same time, the existing roofs in Sarasota-Bradenton have to withstand the stress of extreme heat and humidity, periodic thunderstorms, and the ever-present threat of hurricanes. That means regular roof maintenance for Sarasota and Bradenton customers. We want people who live here to be safe through the summer, and we want snowbirds to return to strong, safe roofs this fall.

Should hurricanes hit our area and damage happen to local homes, we’re running around to all corners of southwest Florida to handle roof repair in Sarasota and Bradenton.

And through all of that, Sarasota roofing companies have to worry about keeping our employees safe, too.

Here’s what we want our homeowners to understand about being a Sarasota roofing company through a typical Florida summer.

Roof Installation in Sarasota Summer

Given the threats of extreme heat and extreme storms, roof installation in Sarasota summer isn’t a top choice of most existing homeowners who need new roofs. But there is a lot of new construction going on regardless, and that can put a strain on the availability of supplies and sometimes sub-contractors, too.

And when storms delay projects, then we might wind up being delayed, too. It’s just one of the many factors potentially on our minds this time of year.

Roof Maintenance in Sarasota Summer

As much as people like to get their home checkups done during the milder-weather months, we understand that a lot of people become concerned about their homes and roofs when hurricane season starts. This is when people want a roof maintenance company in Sarasota.

And as a local, family-owned Sarasota roofing company, we understand how important it is that we do thorough checks of your roof’s safety and stability. And if we find any concerns, we want to make sure you know about them and we can address them ASAP. Because if a storm hits, we want to know that we’ve done everything we can to keep our customers and their property safe.

Roof Repair in Sarasota Hurricane Season

Roofs are among the most vulnerable parts of a house when a storm hits. Strong winds can destabilize trusses and rafters; pull off shingles, flashing, gutters and more; and send damaging debris that can crack or puncture roofs.

Immediately after a storm when damage has occurred, Sarasota roofing companies want to make roof repairs happen ASAP. After all, weather threats don’t stop after the hurricane leaves. We need to continue to protect your family and property.

But high demand, supply troubles, and even transportation issues like flooding and traffic, can make post-hurricane repair jobs doubly difficult.

A Family-owned Roofing Company for Sarasota Families

Our concern for your roof and your family comes directly from the heart of our company, because we’re a Sarasota family, too. And we know how important roofs are for your peace of mind.

We extend that concern to our employees and their families as well. We’re all a part of this community, and we’re proud that we can help make a difference keeping everyone safe and secure this summer.

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